Tweet: Learning benefits of confidence weighted testing

This study shows that MCQ tests with competitive incorrect choices can improve performance on related but different questions appearing on a later cued recall test.

This benefit of MCQ testing, which does not occur when the practice test is a cued recall test, appears attributable to participants attempting to retrieve not only why the correct alternative is correct but also why the other alternatives are incorrect.(Bjork Study)

Thus they get to learn WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT 

The city known as the “IT capital” of India is:

From this question learners are also able to learn the following connected information.

Which of the following are not the “IT capital” of India :

The concept of cued recall used in this paper means the retrieval of memory with the help of cues. For instance, in remembering the word feather, the word bird may be used as a cued recall.


This study results point to ways to make MSQ testing a more powerful tool for learning. 

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