Tweet: Learning the skills of Dynamic Stability

Skills of Dynamic Stability: A Google X Perspective

Learning agility is the primary skill to unlocking your change proficiency and succeeding in a complex, unpredictable and constantly evolving environment. The choice is simple: act or be acted upon. Be proactive or reactive. Since change is the only constant you can truly rely upon, learning to navigate and adapt to it is essential for us to survive, succeed and thrive.

Astro Teller CEO of Google X shares one of the most intriguing idea about learning.He says

“I am actually not a huge believer that you have to pick what it is you are going to be an expert at NOW (and) study that really hard and go out and shop that expertise throughout the rest of your life .The bad news is that the stuff you are learning now is going to be fairly irrelevant in 10 years.The good news is that the skill of learning things quickly ,(and) figuring out how to understand the first principles and be able to reconstruct your knowledge even after you forget 90 % of it later ,Those skills are critical for the rest of your life “

Watch the original video from Stanford Technology Ventures Program

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