Tweet: Stability shuts down the learning centers of the brain.

A study by Yale researchers(Daeyeol Lee, Bart Massi and Christopher H. Donahue) published in the journal Neuron has found that stability may shut down your brain’s learning centers.
In an initial experiment, monkeys were given choice between hitting a red target which provided rewards 80% of the time and a green target that paid off 20% of the time.
The monkeys quickly learned it was more profitable to hit the red target, so scientists increased uncertainty by switching things and making the green target more profitable.
In a second experiment, they introduced stability, an orange button always paid off 80% of the time and a blue button always paid off 20% of the time.
As a result of the stability of rewards, the monkeys stopped learning, and brain activity related to learning in the frontal cortex was dramatically reduced.

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