Tweet: What is Kardashian Network Effect ?

Network effect is a phenomenon whereby increased numbers of people or participants improve the value of a good or service. This is particularly true in information technology industries where “winner-take-all is a norm.
Network effect is the reason why companies like PayPal, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, etc become most impactful and significant companies in the world.
Social network effects work through psychology and the interactions between people. Networks are nodes and links. There is an unseen network among people, where our physical bodies are the nodes, and our words and behaviors with each other are the connections. These are the original networks if you will.
This natural network effect will be formalized and multiplied by social media products like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
In Kardashian’s case, one network is supplemented by others network in reciprocity, and each of these networks are providing an accumulated advantage to all participants. 

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