Tweet: Learn to be happy, Is it possible ?

Some science of #happiness .— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) April 5, 2019Following will cover 80% of the Science of #Happiness If we apply 80/20. My favorites: 1) Seligman’s PERMA Model, 2) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow and happiness 3) HEAL framework by Rick Hanson. 4) Mindfullness, Meditation, Loving Kindness meditation 5) Gratitude Practice

Tweet: Math Learning That Assumes Computers Exist

Math Curriculum That Assumes Computers Exist@conradwolfram Speaks @EdSurge #learning …— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) April 3, 2019Conrad Wolfram’s critique of math curriculum include the following:Math instruction has become too fixated on computation (eg solving for x, for example) and removed from real-world applications and data.Its necessary to have a math curriculum that assumes computers exist, and that … Continue reading Tweet: Math Learning That Assumes Computers Exist