Mastery Learning : Khan Academy Videos Playlist.

(Updated and re-posted from Medium blog )
Mastery learning is a learning strategy and philosophy first proposed by Benjamin Bloom in 1968.
According to Bloom, to promote mastery learning, 5 variables must be dealt with effectively:
  • (1) aptitude for kinds of learning, viewed as the amount of time required by the learner to attain mastery of the task;
  • (2) quality of instruction viewed in terms of its approaching the optimum for a given learner;
  • (3) ability to understand instruction, i.e., to understand the nature of the task and the procedures to follow;
  • (4) perseverance, the amount of time one is willing to spend in learning; and
  • (5) the time allowed for learning, the key to mastery.
Khan academy’s perspective on mastery learning centers around self-paced learning. Unlike traditional learning, students in mastery-learning classrooms are not pushed ahead in lockstep, which can cause the accumulation of debilitating gaps in knowledge.
In mastery learning, learners learn at their own speed. They advance through questions and quizzes at just the right level for them. They get feedback as they learn and help when they need it most.
Teachers can track student progress, identify gaps and provide students one-on-one attention to aid them to succeed.









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