Tweet: The Role of Luck by Scott Barry Kaufman In this article Scott Barry Kaufman give the following example studies to display the role of luck factors in success. Half of the differences in income can be explained by peoples country of residence and by the income distribution within that country, Scientific impact is randomly distributed, with high productivity alone having a limited … Continue reading Tweet: The Role of Luck by Scott Barry Kaufman

Tweet:Complexity, Ecosystem, and Network Effects

Tweet: Criminal Learning Data on punishment and criminal arrests in a total birth cohort of men in Denmark (N = 28,879) were used to test the following hypotheses derived from learning theory: (a) The imposition of sanctions reduces rates of subsequent criminal arrest;(b) The more severe the sanction received for an arrest, the lower the rate of … Continue reading Tweet: Criminal Learning

Asking questions and learning

One good technique which aids fast and sustainable learning is to read the topic once for understanding, then quiz yourself. Asking questions will trigger the creation and refinement of retrieval cues specific to the information or groups of information to be retrieved. Without these retrieval cues we cannot reliably bring back the information into our … Continue reading Asking questions and learning