Tweet: Networked Learning

Networked learning is a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and information, and communicating in such a way so as to support one another’s learning.

Link : Connected Learning and Open Networked Learning – a comparison

McConnell et al (2012) provides a pedagogic framework for networked learning which includes “six broad areas of pedagogy that need to be addressed when designing networked learning courses” (p. 8), they are:

  1. Openness in the educational process.
  2. Self-determined learning.
  3. A real purpose in the cooperative process.
    Which includes the sentence “If learners have a real purpose in learning, they engage with the learning process in a qualitatively different way”.
  4. A supportive learning environment.
  5. Collaborative assessment of learning.
  6. Assessment and evaluation of the ongoing learning process.

Also: Exploring connected versus/and networked learning

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