Richard J Arend and Critic of Effectuation +: A reading list.

In their 2015 paper “Effectuation As Ineffectual? Applying the 3E Theory-Assessment Framework to a Proposed New Theory of Entrepreneurship” authors Richard J. Arend, Hessamoddin Sarooghi and Andrew Burkemper argues that Effectuation theory lacks the foundation of sufficient empirical testing and critical analysis.

This prompted a response from Effectual school, Stuart Read, Saras D. Sarasvathy, Nicholas Dew and Robert Wiltbank with an article “Response to Arend, Sarooghi, and Burkemper (2015): Cocreating Effectual Entrepreneurship Research”

The latest article from Richard J. Arend “Getting Nothing from Something: Unfulfilled Promises of Current Dominant Approaches to Entrepreneurial Decision-Making” goes beyond effectuation.

In the latest paper (very hard to read and to understand), Richard challenges the value of two dominant models of the entrepreneurial process:
The creativity school &
The logic of effectuation.

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