Twitter thread about application of Neuroscience in education

Following is a list of Twitter threads on the application of Neuroscience in Pedagogy and education. I will be updating it periodically.

Cognitive Entrenchment, Expertise, & Flexibility

Cognitive entrenchment refers to “a high level of stability in one’s domain schemas” and arises largely from expertise. As expertise is acquired through practice, “the content and relations comprising an expert’s domain schemas are likely to be activated and applied innumerable times” Research suggests that as one acquires domain expertise, one loses flexibility with regard … Continue reading Cognitive Entrenchment, Expertise, & Flexibility

Difference between Ecological Psychology and Ecological rationality

This is a twitter thread on the difference between Ecological Psychology, which is often identified with Gibson, and Ecological rationality approach, which is developed primarily by people like Gerd Gigerenzer as a response to Heuristics and Bias perspective on human decision making.

2 perspectives to approach failures and mistakes

Failures are prototypes of experience: They are powerful reference point which can act as a tool for decision making and adjustment.  They are a special kind of tacit knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it. Hyper correction effect: This refers to the finding that … Continue reading 2 perspectives to approach failures and mistakes