Those who teach can’t do.?

The central argument of this post(list of links) is that the best performers in a field might not be good coaches or mentors. On the other hand, people without stardom performance might become extraordinary mentors or coaches. This is not to generalize or to compartmentalize doer vs teacher/ doing vs teaching, etc., but to reiterate … Continue reading Those who teach can’t do.?

Is exposure to inventors a precondition to becoming an inventor yourself

According to Innovation Historian Anton Howes, "Absent any exposure to inventors, people simply don’t become inventors. Knowing about invention as an activity is a necessary precondition to becoming an inventor yourself" This compelling newsletter by Anton explores deep into the nature of innovation by using historical perspective.

Finland education: Localism at best

In Finland national agencies act as Learning Partners to local systems, enabling local actors to find their own answers. The gov strategy is thus to promote and enable local learning. In my opinion Localism and designing for local emergence is a very powerful way to fight what Charlie Munger calls "Man with hammer syndrome(he sees … Continue reading Finland education: Localism at best