Those who teach can’t do.?

The central argument of this post(list of links) is that the best performers in a field may not be good coaches or mentors. On the other hand, people without stardom performance may become extraordinary mentors or coaches. This is not to generalize or to compartmentalize doer vs teacher/ doing vs teaching, etc., but to reiterate certain possibilities which are often ignored in popular high-performance domains, particularly the one with a higher level of complexity and uncertainty( Domains which lacks cause and effect relations, those in which performance and success cannot be measured. e.g Entrepreneurship, Career success, etc. )

  1. People confuse the epistemology of a field(how experts develop new knowledge) with its pedagogy (how best to teach novices.)
  2. This Is The Real Reason The Best Athletes Usually Make The Worst Coaches
  3. The Best Players Rarely Make the Best Coaches
  4. Overthinking skilled motor performance: Or why those who teach can’t do

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