Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

The arguments followed by "evidence-based" + x, y, z, learning, education, policy, etc. carries a lot of credibility and authority. Ideas promoted using "evidence" tag often evades scrutiny and criticism. After I got exposed to ideas like Goodhart's law, Campbell's law, Metric fixation, e.g. I started to see the irony of "evidence based arguments". This … Continue reading Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

New affordances for learning: The case of post-digital affordances

How do people bump into new affordances for learning. How to find, cultivate, or design new affordances. Another relevant tweet

Connectivism – Dr George Siemens

Great video by George Siemens on connectivism. He explains how his blogging practice led him to develop a very different relationship with other people and with knowledge than what he experienced when he was learning in a classroom. To him the biggest difference was the way in which people are aware of one another while … Continue reading Connectivism – Dr George Siemens

Entrepreneurial spatial bricolage

This new paper co-authored by Steffen Korsgaard, Sabine Müller & Friederike Welter introduces a concept update building on bricolage idea of Ted Baker, Spatial bricolage, which is defined as "making do with the resources at hand in the immediate spatial context". Link to paper > It’s right nearby: how entrepreneurs use spatial bricolage to overcome … Continue reading Entrepreneurial spatial bricolage