Entrepreneurship and Synergetics

Synergetics is an interdisciplinary theoretical approach that studies self-organization in complex systems(systems that are characterized by openness, dynamics, and complexity). It was developed by physicist Hermann Haken(1969) through his research experiments on laser light. He noticed unpredictable patterns emerging that cannot be explained by linear models. The properties of light change in a self-organized manner … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and Synergetics

Factor markets, actors, and affordances.

This article, "Factor markets, actors, and affordances" by Teppo Felin, Stuart Kauffman, Antonio Mastrogiorgio, Mariano Mastrogiorgio covers a lot of complexity/evolution based ideas that are useful in entrepreneurship and general learning. https://twitter.com/johnywrites/status/1581990022487515137?s=20&t=GJM4m0tiSv3RI06iuNgKrA https://twitter.com/johnywrites/status/1583485649109520384?s=20&t=YV4yZohGlOlxK8iPNUcCuQ

Prof Michael Young, Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Ghana’s Minister

Professor Michael Young's work has been widely cited as a key reference for Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Memory brigade. He is not happy about it according to a new TES article(link). Interestingly, his "powerful knowledge" perspective was emerged from his South African experience. In this article he shares his experience which might be interesting as … Continue reading Prof Michael Young, Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Ghana’s Minister