My name is Kiran Johny. My interest is in designing sustainable human learning solutions for complex and emergent problems and domains. This includes: Using insights from complexity science; Designing for self-organization; Using multiple learning-science approaches; Interdisciplinary exploration for ideas and solutions; Adding diversity(cognitive and other); Designing for evolvability; Ecological grounding using perspectives like 4E (embodied, embedded, enactive, extended), etc.

I use this blog primarily as my notetaking device. I also use it to capture the maximum of diversities of ideas and perspectives about various topics that interests me like Learning, Education, Entrepreneurship, Complexity, etc.

Some of my posts might be of good quality, but generally I write incoherently.

I started as a learning science enthusiast aligned with naïve versions of representational-cognitive science(symbolic/ computational/ Herb-Simon/ John Sweller/ Bjork/ Gardner, etc. ). I am currently aligned with approaches based on complexity theory and ecological dynamics (Enactive, Ecological, Radically Embodied, and other 4E variants). For me the context comes first, so I am not an eliminativist and I take ideas from everywhere.

My email: kiranjohny007@gmail.com

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