A Problem for Cognitive Load Theory: Jan Derry and Brandom’s Inferentialism

Previously I have written a critical review post(Link: Constructivism vs Direct Instruction) on the article “Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work: An Analysis of the Failure of Constructivist, Discovery, Problem-Based, Experiential, and Inquiry-Based Teaching BY Paul A. Kirschner, John Sweller & Richard E. Clark. I have also posted a Guy Claxton playlist in which Claxton … Continue reading A Problem for Cognitive Load Theory: Jan Derry and Brandom’s Inferentialism

Tweet: Critique of Kolb’s experiential learning

My Take on the question asked by Dr Tim Fawns of University of Edinburgh about critique of Kolb's learning model. The process of reflecting is not inherent part of learning something https://twitter.com/johnywrites/status/1247982770971750400 https://twitter.com/timbocop/status/1248201496879140865 2. Missing Intrinsic Motivation part. https://twitter.com/timbocop/status/1248204097146294272 3. Kolb's ELT neglects social aspects of development—learning with & from others https://twitter.com/timbocop/status/1248202233960898560 4. Kolb's model … Continue reading Tweet: Critique of Kolb’s experiential learning

Tweet: Measuring actual learning versus feeling of learning.

https://twitter.com/ulrichboser/status/1171102215475531778 This study compared passive lectures with active learning using a randomized experimental approach and identical course materials The study reached the following findings; Students in the active classroom learn more.But, they feel like they learn less. It shows that this negative correlation is caused mostly by the increased cognitive effort required during active learning.