Fundamental Limits on Artificial General Intelligence.

This new work "How Organisms Come to Know the World: Fundamental Limits on Artificial General Intelligence(GI)", co-authored by Andrea Roli, Johannes Jaeger and Stuart A. Kauffman, discusses several significant obstacles on this path of General Artificial Intelligence. They points out that general intelligence involves situational reasoning, taking perspectives, choosing goals, and an ability to deal … Continue reading Fundamental Limits on Artificial General Intelligence.

Scott Kelso Trolls Herbert Simon

Nash Ashur shared the following video @ Twitter that I have retweeted. It is an extremely interesting dig by Kelso on reductive cartesian understanding of human systems, specifically naming Herb Simon since he is the complexity theory face of economics. Here is the transcript; "Babies …..have spontaneous organization. That's a very nice thing to … Continue reading Scott Kelso Trolls Herbert Simon

Henning Beck: A great ted talk about Human Thinking VS Algorithmic Thinking

"Many people think that it is important now a days to work harder, faster, and more efficient to solve problems,but that's exactly what machines can do. Every efficient procedure will be replaced by algorithms eventually. Henning Beck