New affordances for learning: The case of post-digital affordances

How do people bump into new affordances for learning. How to find, cultivate, or design new affordances. Another relevant tweet

Difference between Ecological Psychology and Ecological rationality

This is a twitter thread on the difference between Ecological Psychology, which is often identified with Gibson, and Ecological rationality approach, which is developed primarily by people like Gerd Gigerenzer as a response to Heuristics and Bias perspective on human decision making.

The dynamics of Athletic(player) Affordances and my thoughts

A question from @EMERGENTMVMT : What should we do when an athlete is not accepting an affordance we believe exists for him/her within a particular contextual movement problem? Other great comments

Reading list on Sports Learning: Constraints-Led Approach, Ecological approchs

Constraints-Led Approach : A constraint-led approach to sport and physical education pedagogy Ian Renshaw &J-Y Chow Ecological Dynamics : The ecological dynamics of decision making in sport(Duarte Araújo, KeithDavids, Robert Hristovski) Chow’s Nonlinear Pedagogy: Nonlinear Pedagogy in Skill Acquisition Wolfgang Schöllhorn's differential learning: Differential Learning @ These reading list was curated from my twitter … Continue reading Reading list on Sports Learning: Constraints-Led Approach, Ecological approchs