Professor Yong Zhao: Comparing the US and Chinese education system(video playlist)

Professor Yong Zhao who authored the book "What Works May Hurt: Side Effects in Education", makes compelling arguments against comparing the US and Chinese education. He suggests that, while the Chinese system stressed more on homogeneity and standardization, the US system was always providing heterogeneous outcomes, which is really an asset.

Julie Posselt: How Graduate Admissions really works

Julie's work explores how Graduate Admissions really works in the United States I have been following Julie Posselt for some time, particularly because of her observational studies and insights into US higher education. Along with recent books like "The Tyranny of Merit" by Michael Sandel and "The Meritocracy Trap" by Daniel Markovits, her book "Inside … Continue reading Julie Posselt: How Graduate Admissions really works

Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

The arguments followed by "evidence-based" + x, y, z, learning, education, policy, etc. carries a lot of credibility and authority. Ideas promoted using "evidence" tag often evades scrutiny and criticism. After I got exposed to ideas like Goodhart's law, Campbell's law, Metric fixation, e.g. I started to see the irony of "evidence based arguments". This … Continue reading Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

Finland education: Localism at best

In Finland national agencies act as Learning Partners to local systems, enabling local actors to find their own answers. The gov strategy is thus to promote and enable local learning. In my opinion Localism and designing for local emergence is a very powerful way to fight what Charlie Munger calls "Man with hammer syndrome(he sees … Continue reading Finland education: Localism at best

Tweet: Education as Signaling or Skill Building?

Econ Duel: Is Education Signaling or Skill Building?— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) September 6, 2019 This is a very interesting discussion on education and its fundamental purpose. It is focusing on two important paradigms of education; The Human Capital Theory and The Signaling Theory. Human capital theory claims that education will stimulate social mobility and … Continue reading Tweet: Education as Signaling or Skill Building?