World-Centered Education with Gert Biesta: Video playlist

1) A World Centered Education: A View for the Present' by Professor Gert Biesta(University of South Australia) 2) World-Centered Education with Gert Biesta(Podcast: Life From Plato's Cave)

Schools are not labs: Questioning the blind use of Evidence based approach in Education(Video)

In recent years, there has been a growing call to educators to embrace an "evidence-based" approach, branding it as the science of learning. Teachers have been under significant pressure to incorporate ideas generated from experimental methodologies and randomized control trials from the laboratory settings to determine the effectiveness of educational practices. However, it is important … Continue reading Schools are not labs: Questioning the blind use of Evidence based approach in Education(Video)

Prof Michael Young, Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Ghana’s Minister

Professor Michael Young's work has been widely cited as a key reference for Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Memory brigade. He is not happy about it according to a new TES article(link). Interestingly, his "powerful knowledge" perspective was emerged from his South African experience. In this article he shares his experience which might be interesting as … Continue reading Prof Michael Young, Knowledge Rich Curriculum and Ghana’s Minister

Olli-Pekka Heinonen discusses Finland education system with a complexity perspective

Former Minister of Education of Finland Olli-Pekka Heinonen talk with Toby Lowe about Education system of Finland with a complexity perspective.

Problem for Cognitive Load Theory

Previously I have written a critical review post(Link: Constructivism vs Direct Instruction) on the article “Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work: An Analysis of the Failure of Constructivist, Discovery, Problem-Based, Experiential, and Inquiry-Based Teaching BY Paul A. Kirschner, John Sweller & Richard E. Clark. I have also posted a Guy Claxton playlist in which Claxton … Continue reading Problem for Cognitive Load Theory

From Representation to Emergence by Osberg, Biesta and Cilliers

A complexity critic of cognitive reductionism. In the paper "From representation to emergence: complexity’s challenge to the epistemology of schooling" Deborah Osberg, Gert Biesta and Paul Cilliers challenges the ‘spatial epistemology’ of representation by using ideas from complexity. Key takes In this paper they explore possibilities for an alternative ‘temporal’ understanding of knowledge in its … Continue reading From Representation to Emergence by Osberg, Biesta and Cilliers

Evidence-informed Vs Evidence of what(Biesta)

Recently I have got the opportunity to watch an interview of Guy Claxton in which he was asserting the need to ask deep questions about evidence. The first question according to him should be "evidence of what?". This made me curious to read an article that I have scanned through few years ago by Gert … Continue reading Evidence-informed Vs Evidence of what(Biesta)

Entrepreneurship and Synergetics

Synergetics is an interdisciplinary theoretical approach that studies self-organization in complex systems(systems that are characterized by openness, dynamics, and complexity). It was developed by physicist Hermann Haken(1969) through his research experiments on laser light. He noticed unpredictable patterns emerging that cannot be explained by linear models. The properties of light change in a self-organized manner … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and Synergetics

Professor Yong Zhao: Comparing the US and Chinese education system(video playlist)

Professor Yong Zhao who authored the book "What Works May Hurt: Side Effects in Education", makes compelling arguments against comparing the US and Chinese education. He suggests that, while the Chinese system stressed more on homogeneity and standardization, the US system was always providing heterogeneous outcomes, which is really an asset.

Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

The arguments followed by "evidence-based" + x, y, z, learning, education, policy, etc. carries a lot of credibility and authority. Ideas promoted using "evidence" tag often evades scrutiny and criticism. After I got exposed to ideas like Goodhart's law, Campbell's law, Metric fixation, e.g. I started to see the irony of "evidence based arguments". This … Continue reading Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

Education: Skill VS Signal Or Access to Institutions

"Education as Skill " VS "Education as Signaling" perspective dominate some part of the debate about education and its fundamental purpose. I think there could be be a third way, which is "Education as a key Card" which provides access to institutions, These institutions in-turn provides embedded skill development infrastructure viz contextual tools, practice opportunities, … Continue reading Education: Skill VS Signal Or Access to Institutions

More bad news for growth mindset

I like the idea of Growth Mindset and I know intuitively that, some version of it work perfectly( at-least sometimes) in my life( anecdotally). Another interesting thing about GM is its freshness of positivity which goes directly against Cultural and Genetic determinism. Unfortunately two near-replication studies find zero or small negative influence of growth mindset … Continue reading More bad news for growth mindset