Those who teach can’t do.?

The central argument of this post(list of links) is that the best performers in a field may not be good coaches or mentors. On the other hand, people without stardom performance may become extraordinary mentors or coaches. This is not to generalize or to compartmentalize doer vs teacher/ doing vs teaching, etc., but to reiterate … Continue reading Those who teach can’t do.?

Cognitive Entrenchment, Expertise, & Flexibility

Cognitive entrenchment refers to “a high level of stability in one’s domain schemas” and arises largely from expertise. As expertise is acquired through practice, “the content and relations comprising an expert’s domain schemas are likely to be activated and applied innumerable times” Research suggests that as one acquires domain expertise, one loses flexibility with regard … Continue reading Cognitive Entrenchment, Expertise, & Flexibility

My thoughts on Entrepreneurial Expertise: Twitter Thread The Feedback Loop Tangent

From blog to blog

I started blogging inspired by Seth Godin. His inspiring words deeply fueled my persistence for last several years and helped me to set my moto as "blog no matter what & fight perfectionism". His advice on blogging has been at the core of what inspired my continued maintenance of for last few years as … Continue reading From blog to blog