Tweet: Why add Seductive details to instructional material ?

Seductive details are interesting but irrelevant elements that are added to instructional material in order to spice it up.#Learning #Education #ScienceOfLearning— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) December 6, 2018 A seductive detail is a component added to instructional material that is interesting to the audience, but not directly relevant to the instructional purpose.

Mathew Effect In Learning (accumulative advantage)

  The term Mathew effect was emerged from bible verses (Matthew, XXV: 29). “For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath” Matthew Effect in education was first coined by Walberg and Tsai in 1983 were they looked at cumulative advantages of educative factors. They found that early … Continue reading Mathew Effect In Learning (accumulative advantage)

Tweet: The hypercorrection effect

The hypercorrection effect :"Confidently held false memories will be corrected more often than other errors."— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) August 14, 2018 Am updating this post with a newly added YouTube video which explains the concept very clearly .