Entrepreneurship and fitness landscape.

A fitness landscape model is a metaphor used to think about the processes of evolution acting on a biological entity. This entity can be viewed as moving through a search space with two kinds of decisions: Explore maximum number of landscapes or maximum number of variations. Exploit the most out of a particular landscape. This … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and fitness landscape.

Confusion and learning complex information

  Most of us assume that confidence and certainty are preferred over uncertainty when it comes to learning complex information. But a new study shows that confusion when learning can be beneficial if it is properly induced, effectively regulated and ultimately resolved. This study is much similar to the theme of Desirable difficulty hypothesis by … Continue reading Confusion and learning complex information

Tweet: Difference between learning for Complex world Vs Complicated world.

The Critical Difference Between Complex and Complicated https://t.co/I5TVPdyi7L via @mitsmr— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) September 9, 2017https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Most of our current learning systems like Education(k12 and Higher) , Work-Skill training etc are designed to address complicated situations which are very specific in nature.This is not a surprise because it was created on the side of the … Continue reading Tweet: Difference between learning for Complex world Vs Complicated world.