Tweet: Cognitive Diversity (updated)

Most imp is the idea of Cognitive Diversity: differences in perspective or information processing styles.(Along with Diversities like Skill, Experience, Geographical, Socio-cultural) As @Scott_E_Page writes “diverse teams make better mousetraps.” “creates synergies".— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) November 17, 2018 Related Read Philip Tetlock . Education and cognitive diversity: Assisting model for teaching about mental preferences.The Impact … Continue reading Tweet: Cognitive Diversity (updated)

Tweet: How domain experts react to technology ?

A great read by @effortfuleduktr on the massively shared and quoted study predicting the future of skills.Features I see : Use of causal logic in complex domains were variables are unknown, + Predicting the disappearance of fundamental skills or brain faculties.— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) November 4, 2018 The above article analyzes the job skill outlook … Continue reading Tweet: How domain experts react to technology ?