Tweet: Algorithms are the workers, and the human developers who create them are their manager ?

We are evolving from an economy dominated by human labor to one dominated by programmable electronic workers. In the 20th century companies gained influence by hiring more quality workers. In the 21st century, companies gain effectiveness through the ability to create more workers. (AI, Machines, AI assistants, Automation designers, etc.). Even in jobs that are not considered “programming (repeatable and scalable),” this is becoming a reality. There are AI that can create original music and paintings which are of high quality Further, workers can be “upskilled” not just by training but by software assistants that allow them to do jobs for which they were previously under-qualified.
Eg: Template-based app and website building tools make it easy for a general marketing company to create and sell digital products without technology help.
Eg: AI-generated building designs can be used by builders without the help of an architect. Intelligence and expertise are becoming more and more embodied in products.
Eg; For a long period, to become a London taxicab driver the aspirant had to pass the location knowledge test which requires years of study.
Google maps changed the game.
With the aid of Google Maps, anyone can become a driver for hire, even in a strange city.



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