“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” Alvin Toffler.

Hi, My name is Kiran Johny. 
My interest is in designing sustainable human learning solutions for complex and emergent problems and domains. That includes using multiple learning sciences approaches, interdisciplinary exploration for ideas and solutions, adding diversity(cognitive and other), designing for evolvability and autopoiesis, ecological grounding using perspectives like 4E cognition(embodied, embedded, extended, enacted) and other ecological approaches, etc.  

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Impulsivity and entrepreneurial behaviour: (Am thinking of the pedagogical implications)

Entrepreneurial behavior is often depicted as results of calculated rational action and seen to arise from a reasoned, judgement of a strategic high IQ genius . An alternative model i.e., an unreasoned, impulse-driven pathway remains to be empirically explored. A recent paper “Impulsivity and entrepreneurial behaviour: Exploring an unreasoned pathway” by Michael L Pietersen and … Continue reading Impulsivity and entrepreneurial behaviour: (Am thinking of the pedagogical implications)

Martin Lackéus: Entrepreneurial methods – what, why, how, why not?

In the following video playlist Martin tries to expand his insights on entrepreneurial methods, primarily developed(it seems) from his co-authored paper; “Comparing effectuation to discovery-driven planning, prescriptive entrepreneurship, business planning, lean startup, and design thinking” The major suggestion of the paper is to stress on the complimentary use value of existing methods. Rather than using … Continue reading Martin Lackéus: Entrepreneurial methods – what, why, how, why not?

Guy Claxton: Video Playlist

1. Guy Claxton (@GuyClaxton) talks about Cognitive Load Theory, Direct instruction @AdrianBethune 2. “The Future of Teaching And the Myths That Hold It Back” by Guy Claxton | MLE / CCE Talk 3.Complimentary webinar The future of teaching by Guy Claxton 3rd May 2021 Claxton quoting Hattie in this interview “Unless we pay specific explicit … Continue reading Guy Claxton: Video Playlist

Activity-Centred Analysis and Design (ACAD)

A new paper by provides a summary to Activity-Centred Analysis and Design (ACAD) as an approach to understanding and improving complex learning situations. It offers a practical approach to analyzing complex learning situations, in a way that can generate knowledge that is reusable in subsequent (re)design work. The paper concludes by highlighting three core … Continue reading Activity-Centred Analysis and Design (ACAD)

Learning styles research updates

Learning Styles refer to the idea that students learn best when course content is pitched to match student’s self-reported media preferences. The most popular one among them divides students into three types: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. (VARK Model scrutinized. The Atlantic ) Even though the use of learning styles is popular, the overwhelming consensus among scholars … Continue reading Learning styles research updates


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