My name is Kiran Johny. My interest is in designing sustainable human learning solutions for complex and emergent problems and domains. This includes: Using insights from complexity science; Designing for self-organization; Using multiple learning-science approaches; Interdisciplinary exploration for ideas and solutions;…Read more here

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Why expertise theory of effectuation (and entrepreneurship) is flawed?

This is an updated version of my previous blog post that explored the flaws of effectuation. The series has two more posts which you can read here and here . The empirical evidence for effectuation came from the study of expert entrepreneurs conducted by Saraswathy. She contrasts her study on entrepreneurial expertise with entrepreneurial performance … Continue reading Why expertise theory of effectuation (and entrepreneurship) is flawed?

Possessive individualism in entrepreneurship: A convenient lie

I was watching a Rugby Try and thought about the player who did the Try. The player who did the try may get the credit, but the actual effort was cumulative and the opportunity was emergent. Without the cumulative skills, the synergy of the whole team, and the contingent emergent opportunity the Try would never … Continue reading Possessive individualism in entrepreneurship: A convenient lie

GRE’isation of entrepreneurship

Eric Ries(2011) introduced the concept of Actionable metric and Vanity metric by taking the example of a test preparation company called Grockit. This made me think about the formidable role Lean-startup played in the matricization of entrepreneurship culture. According to Eric Ries, “When cause and effect is clearly understood, people are better able to learn … Continue reading GRE’isation of entrepreneurship

Daniel Kahneman on expertise with reference to entrepreneurship

I have already posted about Kahneman and Klein(2009) arguing that “Skilled intuitions will only develop in an environment of sufficient regularity, which provides valid cues to the situation”. In the following short video, Daniel Kahneman elaborates some of the conditions that are necessary for genuine expertise to develop.


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