Questioning the Un-questionable: “Evidence-Based”

The arguments followed by “evidence-based” + x, y, z, learning, education, policy, etc. carries a lot of credibility and authority. Ideas promoted using “evidence” tag often evades scrutiny and criticism. After I got exposed to ideas like Goodhart’s law, Campbell’s law, Metric fixation, e.g. I started to see the irony of “evidence based arguments”. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in science or evidence anymore, but I am more skeptical.

Following are a list of links which may open the you mind a little bit on the hidden-dark side of “evidence based” arguments.

0) What they call evidence is often standardized test scores

  1. Five Things That Are Wrong With Evidence-Based Teaching

2. The problems with evidence in educational practice

3. The Paradox of Evidence-based Education: From the Decline of Education to Abandonment of the Theories of Education

4. Selective evidence/ Cherry picking evidence etc. are another major issue…particularly in Education.

5. The McNamara Fallacy

Measure whatever can be easily measured , Disregard that which cannot be measured easily, Presume that which cannot be measured easily isn’t important, Say that which can’t be easily measured doesn’t exist

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