Clickers as a classroom response system(CRS or feedback system).

Following are few videos which explains fairly well about the concept and application of clickers in classrooms > A brief description of some approaches to using student response systems in a classroom: BY Russell James Using Clickers in the College Classroom (Created by the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment at Western Washington University:) … Continue reading Clickers as a classroom response system(CRS or feedback system).

Learning in Chaos

Recently, Dr Michael Ryan, the Chief Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program provided some practical tips on dealing with the Chaos of Corona in a press brief. I felt a strong need to share it because it provided some deep insights regarding the variable nature of Learning and decision making. (depending upon the … Continue reading Learning in Chaos

Spacing Effect in MOOC Learning.

In this study "Beyond Time-on-Task: The Relationship between Spaced Study and Certification in MOOCs" researchers used data collected from MOOCs to identify observational evidence for the benefits of spaced practice in educational settings. This study suggested the following findings: >Number of sessions students initiate is an important predictor of certification rate. >When students spend … Continue reading Spacing Effect in MOOC Learning.

Tweet: Evaluating Retrieval Practice in a MOOC

In the following study researchers looked at the effectiveness of two types of retrieval practice methods. They are 1) Retrieval Practice tasks which asked students to shortly summarize the content of videos, and 2) Students were asked to read pre-written summaries of videos.